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DirectAxis is the third largest private sector bank in India. The company is headquartered in Mumbai and has more than 3300 branches all over the country. It also has nine international boodle loan offices. The company offers a variety of banking products and services. Its customer service department is open from nine am to nine pm on weekdays. You can also send your queries, scanned forms and other documentation via email. For inquiries and feedback, please visit directaxis.com.

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The customer service team at DirectAxis can answer your questions about your current or past loans. If you have questions about your account, you can call or email the company’s customer service representatives. It is important that you have the information necessary to process your request. For example, you will need your account number and policy number, as well as the nature of your complaint. If you need help with a specific loan or credit card, you’ll need to have the information handy.

A directAxis customer service representative will be able to help you resolve your financial problem. The first step is to explain the nature of your complaint. It is important to give as much information as possible to the customer service representative. You will need your account number and policy number, as well as some basic details. You’ll need to provide this information so that they can assist you with your inquiry. You’ll need to include your contact information and the nature of the complaint. If you need to call the company on a Sunday, or during the week, you can make arrangements for a weekend.

If you’re not happy with the response you receive from DirectAxis customer service, you can contact the company directly. The company can be reached by phone at 022-224-25252525 or by email. If you need to contact the customer care team after hours, you can also contact them through an online form. The customer service representative will reply to you within 10 days. If you have a general complaint, you can fill out a form online and submit it.

If you’re not satisfied with the service provided by DirectAxis customer service, you can contact the company directly. They can be reached on 022-222-24253754 and are located at Diep River. You can email them if you’re unhappy with the service you received. Axis SA is an authorised financial services provider. If you have any questions or concerns, you can call them at this number.

If you have concerns about the service provided by DirectAxis, you can call the company directly. They can be reached at 022-222-24252525252525 or via email. You can also email them. The banking Ombudsman will respond to your complaint within ten working days. If you have a complaint with DirectAxis, they can help you resolve it. They will provide you with the best service and the best customer service.